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Isley Brothers

Morgan Freeman

Bobby Womack

Penal Farm

Judge J0e Brown

James Brown

Cisco Drew Hill

.M. C. Hammer

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Michael Tabor

Prince with Michael Tabor 1999           at Pyramid Hit & Run Concert

Prince's Home 2016
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Prince's Home 2016
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Judge  D'Army Bailey, Founder of Civil Rights Museum, Michael Tabor. I have worked with  him since 1989.
1989 M.C. Hammer Award                  Mid South Coliseum
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Teddy Ridley & Backstreet PSA 1999
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Rickey Smiley & Michael Tabor 2013         MLK Jr Sam's Town Concert
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Bobby Rush 2016 MLK Jr Sam's Town                          Concert

Arne 2J  2011 Sam's Town Concert

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Sir Charles Jones - 2013 MLK Jr              Sam's Town Concert

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Chief James Bolden, MPD     receiving award. 2002
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Shirley Murdock & Michael Tabor                      Zapp PSA 1991

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Willie Clayton Award MLK Jr 2017
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Ms. Jody, MLK Jr. Sam's Town Concert                                2015
           Nephew Tommy                      Fitz Casino    MLK Jr. Award
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    Michael Jackson impersonator & Michael Tabor. Las Vegas Concert 2016
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Angie Stone, 2013 MLK Jr              Concert PSA
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Rev. Jesse Jackson & Michael Tabor                           2008 MLK Jr.
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cp 21.jpg
Rev. Al Sharpton & Michael Tabor            2008 MLK Jr. Award
National Civil Rights Museum        Dir. Ms. Beverly Robertson               & Michael Tabor - 2008
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cp 23.jpg
The Temptations - 2015 MLK Jr  Award PSA Sam's Town Casino
Bobby Womack & Bobby Blue Bland       2010 Interview, Fitz Casino
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cp 25.jpg
Michael Anderson, AMS Prod. MLK Jr. Concert Promoter &        Michael Tabor - 2007
Benjamin Hooks & Michael Tabor  Civil Rights Museum - 2008
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TK Soul 2015 MLK Jr Concert               Sam's Town Casino
        Klymaxx R & B Group                  Ebony Reunion Tour Concert 2018
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Steve Harvey.jpg
Steve Harvey, 103.5 Radio Meet & Greet PSA 2007 Memphis, TN
Howard Hewett, R & B Singer      & Michael  Tabor, Ebony Family   Reunion Concert Tour
Myketti Williamson & Michael Tabor Black Film Festival, Nashville, TN 2006 Well known actor in Forest Gump.
     Isaac Hayes - 2001 Film Festival    Congratulations on CC Sound Track
Michael Tabor & Floyd Taylor       MLK Jr. Concert PSA 2015          Sam's Town Casino
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Rodger Troutman, Crime Prevention PSA 1999. Subject of  the PSA was Peace on the street. RIP. Thank you! Memphis
Feb 2.jpg
Lester Troutman, Terry Troutman accepting an award for brother Rodger at Grand Casino, Tunica, Mississippi 2002
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Michael Jordan at Lemoyne Owens Gardens 1995
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Feb 4.jpg
Feb 5.jpg
Filming the Movie "My Nigga". Supported and paid for by Prince. Year 2000.  Trying to stop people          from using "That Word". 
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